Completing a cycle: Music Historian’s 8th year

Eight, to me, as a number, holds a unique meaning. Draw it, and you will see that it loops both up and down. The number eight in the west numerical system, to me, resembles a cycle. How did I come to this conclusion? Consider this: the year 2017 marked eight years since I finished my undergraduate degree in Music History; and the eighth year of the Music Historian blog.

As I dedicated my time to a full-time job at the time, I still had found time to sing in front of small audiences (some solos and as part of a choir). I also completed ethnographic interviews with musicians such as Marla Mase and Nathan Bell. I learned about these two artists from a boutique PR firm, Baby Robot Media. I would eventually meet the Baby Robot Media crew later in 2017 at a showcase they were doing at Pianos in the Lower East Side. In the same place, in 2012, I saw Imagine Dragons perform. (Do you know what I mean by cycles?)

What is so essential about completing a cycle? It allows you to see how far you have come in your endeavors, whether that be a project, a career, a family, anything. “Putting Faces to Names, and Coverage on Performances: Baby Robot Media’s Set at Pianos” is an article that helped mark the completion of one cycle.
What happens when a cycle comes to an end? Naturally, another begins. In the article I just mentioned in the last paragraph, the conclusion I wrote really helps sum up my hopes for the beginning of a new cycle. I hope you take a little time to read my blog on this Monday afternoon in December. If you have already done this and are a loyal reader, thank you for stopping by.