Who Am I?

I am Music Historian. I interview singer-songwriters from all corners of the country. I learn about their motivation – what drives them to make music and share it with the world – and turn these conversations into thoughtful and intelligent articles.

Why did I choose the name Music Historian? I have a degree in Music History from Syracuse University. While I spent time in the classroom studying the history of classical music in the Western world, partaking in ethnographic research of music in today’s landscape, and understanding music theory; I also played piano and rhythm guitar in a University ensemble, sang in the women’s choir, continued by study classical piano – which I have been doing since 12 years of age and continue to practice in my spare time – and participated in a cover band on campus.

Since graduating from SU, I have gained 5+ years of work experience (please see my LinkedIn profile for more information). During this time, I have pursued Masters in Marketing from the Zicklin School of Business. To keep my love of music history alive, I created the Music Historian, which just turned 4 last October. My purpose for Music Historian is to bring great articles about today’s independent music to music lovers as both an ethnographer and a critic. I have spoken with alternative rock group, Imagine Dragons; reggae artist, Tarrus Riley; calypso king, The Mighty Sparrow; New Zealand-native indetronica group, The Naked and Famous; and many more.

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One response to “Who Am I?

  1. just saw your post about our gig at CMJ back in Oct – thanks for coming out to the show and so glad you dug the music! really appreciate it. make sure to hit me up next time you are coming to one of our shows. all the best _avi

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