The road ahead: Music Historian’s perspective

Photo taken by me at Mt. Washington, NH, Sept. 25th 2020

Life is changing not just for bloggers but also for musicians. Live performances might not be permitted in public until Fall 2021, depending on Coronavirus cases’ status. The shutdown earlier in the year greatly affected the promotional plans for many performers ready to release a new record.

Luckily, many musicians had taken to social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to showcase live performances to their fanbases. Some have even found the opportunity to record new music and work towards putting out a new record. Then, significant events, such as the general elections 2020, inspired creative and civic organizations to put together virtual performances to encourage citizens to vote. An example included Harmony on the Horizons, a filmed music series recorded at The Caverns, a cave system-turned-concert venue in Pelham, Tennessee. (Read more about it in Event Diary). Such events helped musicians increase their exposure among new audiences and become involved in a worthwhile cause.

As we continue to experience the abrupt halt’s residual economic effects caused by the shutdown in March 2020, the road ahead might look brighter. The United States, although not the first country to do so, has already started distributing vaccines for select workers. Also, the U.S. has a new president-elect to help govern the country for the next four years. I certainly hope that over time these developments will create a positive ripple effect, both socially and economically, that will reach everyone in our country.

For now, I will do my best to create valuable content that my cherished readers and interview subjects can appreciate. Thank you, musicians, for sharing your experiences, your world, and your thoughts about why you make music. To my readers, thank you for stopping by, and please be sure to show your support by liking content, following the blog on Facebook, or following it on Keep calm and write on!