Merry Christmas, Here is a Song!

In this entry, I would like to give back to some of my readers who really responded to a holiday post I published two years ago; one about a song based on an Edgar Allan Poe poem – “Hear the Sledges with the Bells.” Here is a copy of the sheet music to this delightful holiday piece that is very often overlooked.

“Hear the Sledges with the Bells” was written and by Hugh S. Roberton for two soprano voices and one alto. He used the prose from Poe’s poem, “The Bells.” Based on the copyright date, I believe Roberton wrote composed this song before 1919.

I learned to sing the second soprano voice. Compared to the first soprano and the alto voices which include leaps of minor sixes and octaves; the distance between each note in the second soprano line involves whole steps, half steps, and one-and-a-half steps. The D-flat major key and the simple duple time (or a minuet meter as some would call it) with a vivacious tempo makes this song fun to learn and sing.

If you prefer not to sing this Christmas, don’t worry. The piano accompaniment, which Roberton wrote for practice only, is simple and fun to play as well – you really don’t need to be a pianist to enjoy playing this song. Even if you practice the accompaniment, other listeners around you won’t think you’re practicing.

Of course, everything I state in the last paragraph is based on my experience, now I offer you the sheet music to “Hear the Sledges with the Bells” so you can have your own. Enjoy!

Hear the Sledges, page 1

Hear the Sledges page 2

Hear the Sledges page 3

Hear the sledges page 4

Hear the sledges page 5

Hear the sledges page 6


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