Guide The Tarot Man and Help Skibbins!

David Skibbins’s protagonist, Warren Ritter, is a professional tarot card reader who is constantly running and attempting to escape his criminal past. In short time however; Warren realizes the only way to come to terms with his past is through personal redemption. 

While he puts criminals away, Warren also gains control over his manic depression; falls in love with an intelligent, beautiful and strong woman who returns his love; reunites with his daughter and new grandson; and saves quite a few lives in between.

Throughout this 4 part mystery and detective thriller series, Warren grows into a new person and overcomes his fears and breaks through obstacles. Warren is about to do the same in Skibbins’s fifth installation, “The Tower,” however; fans have to do something for Skibbins first. Fans have to help him write the new book! 

Skibbins makes the instructions clear on his website. He has written the first chapter of the book in a blog supported by Blogspot.

Fans read the first chapter, then they are required to compose a second chapter to follow. Writers submit their compositions as comments. Every month, Skibbins selects a chapter and repeats the cycle until the book is complete.

While there are quite a few challenges that stand in the way to this blog’s success, I believe Skibbins really gives his fans a chance to not only showcase their writing, but to also interact with him on an informal and impersonal level.

Being a fan of the Tarot man myself, I have read the first chapter and from the first sentence, it is a thriller. Warren and his girlfriend are caught in an earthquake and are struggling to help survivors in a hospital. Meanwhile, another little quake throws Warren through a crack in the wall and into a neighboring apartment where he discovers a body with a fresh bullet wound to the head.

At this moment, it is the reader’s responsibility to direct the story. What should Warren do next? Should he call the cops right away, tell the hospital to call the police, investigate the apartment for clues before the cops arrive? There are so many possibilities and readers are welcome to propose these possibilities in their own written renditions.

If anybody reading this wonders why Skibbins is doing this for his fifth book, I suggest they go his website,, to learn more.

If the blog reader is not interested in this project at all, I suggest they go to the website for a free tarot card reading from the fictitious hero himself, Warren.

If the reader of this blog is not interested in Skibbins’s website in any way, then I suggest they read his books. The unique, eccentric and loving characters are enough to bring first timers back for more.


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