Can Sparks Change His Plot Patterns? You Decide!

Reading some of Nicholas Sparks’s novels, I have to give this author credit; he certainly has a way of using literature to evoke love, loss and grief.

Sparks also has the talent of punching out novels that after wards—not too long after hitting the shelves—become major motion pictures. The plots in his movies follow a specific pattern: the main character of the story unexpectedly hooks up with a character of the opposite sex; the two tackle the obstacles of being in love; the two realize, for one reason or another, they can’t be together; as a result, one of the characters enters a exhausting grieving period; then towards the end, somebody dies.

Sometimes Sparks surprises us with plot twists, like in “The Last Song,” where the main characters Veronica and Will reunite as a couple. However; whether the characters reunite in a happy ending or are forever separated by death or a tragedy stemming from another character’s death (i.e. “Dear John”), Sparks’s novels are still overly sentimental and trite. While I do admire some of Sparks’s earlier works like “A Walk to Remember” and “The Notebook,” I feel Sparks has reached a wall in his creativity.

I honestly think Nicholas Sparks should try delving into love between two members of the same gender. Of course I know there are writers who have written about homosexual and homoerotic love, but I think this subject in Nicholas Sparks’s case will turn heads.

I am also greatly aware that such a move will shock his fan base and create trepidation in his conservative image. If Sparks should produce a novel about genuine love between two members of the same sex, he will receive mounds of criticism. However; he also has a chance of attracting a new fan base of younger women as well as re- attracting a demographic that has contributed to his popularity- women.  I don’t think I am wrong in saying most readers of his novels are predominantly women, and I think I am also right to say that we women like something different now and then.

Now I think to myself, “how would a Nicholas Sparks novel on same- sex romance read?” Will it still follow his typical plot protocols and finish with a sappy ending?

Whoever stumbles upon this post, I am interested in your opinions! I welcome your thoughts.


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